Military battle tank coins

Military battle tank coins

Designs: Custom design Military battle tank coins

Artwork: All our proof are free

Size: Custom size from 1.5inch-5 inch

Material: Die struck steel/ Zinc alloy

Plating: Gold/Silver/Brass/Antique Available.

Time: 7-15 days production, 2-4 shipping.

Product Description

Military battle tank coins

Military tank coins

The main military weapon the US Army is equipped with is tank.

Because the tank vehicles are equipped with advanced inter vehicle information system and battlefield management system,

And installed new protective armor and electronic equipment

The m1a1 tank on the coin is called Abrams,

It is the first large-scale improvement type of M1 main battle tank,

And the main improvement is to install a m-256 120mm tank gun,

In addition, there are many details of the improvement, and integration of all m1ip improvement projects.

The exquisite m1a1 coin is made of 80 mm steel plate welded on the basis of M1 turret,

In addition, the sandwich material is modified, and the armor piercing bullet is more than 400mm.

After refitting depleted uranium alloy and new ceramic interlayer with m1a1ha,

The protection ability has become the leading level of three generations of tanks.

M1a1 main battle tank in every large-scale American foreign military operation since 1990s

The tank has the advantages of strong maneuverability, precise firepower and so on

It fully witnessed the position of M1 series as one of the best main battle tanks in the world,

It is the equipment that makes the U.S. Army proud. It is also the representative of the U.S. Army.

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