Metal Coins

We produce different custom metal coins, with guaranteed quality at cheap price.


Custom Silver Coins

  • Real silver material
  • Alloy material with silver finish

Custom Gold Coins

  • Real gold material
  • Alloy material with gold plating.

Custom Copper Coins

  • Copper material coins, made from red copper. The copper material is soft and durable won’t get rust.
  • Other alloy material with red copper plating finish

Custom Brass Coins

  • Brass material, harder than copper material.
  • Alloy material with brass plating.

Custom Zinc Alloy Coins

  • Zinc alloy material using for the high relief coins.

Custom Iron Coins

  • Iron material coins using for the cheap token coins.


Plate the metal coins with different finish:




Gold Plating

Silver Plating

Nickle Plating

Antique Plating

Colorful Plating

Metal coins are extraordinarily solid and practically indestructible. They are made from tough amalgams. And are in this manner perfect for concentrated.  Used in candy machines, change machines obstructions, laundries, auto wash stations, solarium, clubhouse and arcades. A custom metal coin is additionally a tough special item with incredible life span, fit to be utilized as trolley coins, challenge tokens and test coins.

In view of the interesting mix of breadth, thickness, material and outline, we make for you a genuinely exceptional item, to be utilized as your interior money. Tokens give more security in your candy machines and clients come back to utilize their outstanding tokens as your custom token must be utilized on your premises.

The perfect mix of metal and measurements rely on upon your application and volume. We make metal coins, nickel silver coins, aluminum and tin bronze coins, gold and silver hued coins. In our coin stamping offices we can positively make the ideal custom token for you.