Iron Tokens

Iron Tokens


These are iron material tokens, normally used for the business or the game machines.

Iron Steel Material with the nickle plating.

Most iron tokens plated with the nickle plating on the surface. Since the tokens used very often, we will plate the thick nickle on the surface to protect the tokens.

Using the die struck process.

Die struck iron tokens, just like the mint coins.

The tokens can be with gear saw-tooth edges, also can be with smooth edges, also can be with engraved letters.

The price is cheaper, which can save much money for the business, because normally the tokens order is bigger than normal other styles coins.

Our factory directly price will help you save much money.

The token coins size is 25-35mm diameter, this is the standard size, thickness is 1.5mm-2.0mm. weight is 6-8g per unit.