God's armor coin

God’s armor coin

Designs: Custom design God’s armor coin

Artwork: All our proof are free

Size: Custom size from 1.5inch-5 inch

Material: Die struck steel/ Zinc alloy

Plating: Gold/Silver/Brass/Antique Available.

Time: 7-15 days production, 2-4 shipping.

Product Description

God’s armor coin

Coin of the Crusader armor for the protection of God

Armor is a kind of instrument for protecting human body in armed conflict

During the war, the main thing is to protect the head and body,

Heavy and strong armor can protect the vital organs of the chest and abdomen.

This Crusader coin armor belongs to flexible armor and has the advantages of good air permeability.

Because the hemp rope or leather strip connecting the armor is thick, it will not rot,

It can save European armor because of its material characteristics

Many armour can also be preserved by families,

So many ancient armor coins are handed down.

In addition, armor and armor coins have become a high-end decoration,

This has also increased the interest of modern Westerners in armor.

The heaviest armor in Chinese history is the armor of men in the Northern Song Dynasty

It is made by connecting the iron armor leaf with the leather strip or nail,

It belongs to the typical nail binding. Its protection covers the whole body.

In terms of protection and collection, armor coins are more popular

Because Chinese armor is closest to European heavy armor,

But its air tightness is better than soft armor

Because our Crusader armor coins are well designed,

That’s why you chose our company,

And it’s because it’s worth it

And the coins will continue to circulate until now

So buy the Crusader armor coin that we designed,

Because of its high quality, it can be preserved for a long time.

Of course, the coins produced in our factory are full price.

So there is no minimum order