Physical Bitcoin Tokens

Ethereum Souvenir collectible coin Bitcoin tokens, the metal round replica coins Wholesale from China factory.


Item: Metal round bitcoins tokens
OEM / ODM: Yes and Welcome Souvenir coins
Design: 2D / 3D / 1 side logo / 2 sides logo
Material: Iron / Brass / Copper / Zinc alloy etc.
Use: Promotion,gifts, collectible souvenir.
Thickness: normally 3.0 mm ( customized ) challenge coin
Color: soft enamel / laser engraving / embossing/ poly enamel etc.
Logo: custom design according your personal requirements.
Plating: gold / silver / nickel / brass / copper / antique bronze / double plating, etc.
Packing plastic case / opp bag / individual bag / iron box/ wooden box / velvet box, etc.
Price: US$0.5-US$1.8, cheap price no minimum order limited.
Production Time: 10days

Buy The Bitcoin Tokens

Where and how you can purchase cheap physical bitcoins tokens in the market?

Want to start the retail business, where I can buy cheap physical coins?

Replica coins price is affected on many factors that make the quality tokens.

We can give you some suggestions to lead you buy the good quality units. Which is easy and fast.

  1. Iron material can save some money and keep price lower.
  2. Gold plated is normal color, easy for factory, and no expansive.
  3. Transparent package box keep the coins avoid damage, insure the quality will give you more business.

I suggest you buy some more stock which will let you sell it at competitive price. That will helpful to support your retail business in ebay or amazon online shop.

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Good Luck!

Following are our hot sell designs for your reference, you also can custom design the coins using special logo for your store.

Custom bitcoins silver and gold design bitcoins transparent box package bitcoins back side view Bitcoins