Enamel Coins

Custom Enamel Coins

Most Challenge Coins filled with the enamel color.

We have two styles of enamel color to use for the challenge coins.

Hard enamel color:

This enamel also called cloisonne color, is durable and won’t fade forever. But certainly will be more expansive.

Sometime, we also produce the coins with printing content. The print enamel is also the cloisonne enamel.  Just because too complex design to fill colors directly, we choose print on the cloisonne colors on the coins surface.



Soft enamel color:

For most challenge coins, the colors are soft enamel. That is normal and easy to be used. The challenge coins most designed with many different colors, so use the soft enamel will be more easy to produce, and can save more money.

To protect the enamel, some coins covered with the transparent epoxy dome on the surface. Certainly you may want the epoxy cover is flat not dome, that is also work.