Iraqi Gulf War Challenge Coin

Iraqi Gulf War Challenge Coin

Designs: Custom design Iraqi Gulf War Challenge Coin

Artwork: All our proof are free

Size: Custom size from 1.5inch-5 inch

Material: Die struck steel/ Zinc alloy

Plating: Gold/Silver/Brass/Antique Available.

Time: 7-15 days production, 2-4 shipping.

Product Description

Iraqi Gulf War Challenge Coin


Iraqi Gulf War Challenge Coin

The war challenge coin is to commemorate the war in Iraq.

It’s a coalition of British and American troops.

The coin challenge is about

Although on 20 March 2003, a military operation was launched against Iraq,

The United States has a large scale in Iraq

On the grounds of lethal weapons

And secretly support terrorists,

First, bypass the UN Security Council,

Then, we will carry out military strikes against Iraq unilaterally.

No doubt.

In fact, it’s an opportunity to fight terrorism.

Because Iraq refused to hand it over.

But there is no biological or chemical weapon as an excuse.

A war to clear the anti American regime.

Because this war, in fact, is a continuation of the Gulf War of 1990,

Therefore, this war is also known as the “second Gulf War”.

Finally, until August 2010, when US combat forces withdrew from Iraq,

After more than seven years of war,

The United States finally failed to find the so-called weapons of mass destruction.

Instead, find Saddam’s regime,

Documents and witnesses that have been destroyed.

On December 18, 2011, the U.S. military withdrew completely.

This coin commemorates the war