Designs: Custom design Nyc transit police coins

Artwork: All our proof are free

Size: Custom size from 1.5inch-5 inch

Material: Die struck steel/ Zinc alloy

Plating: Gold/Silver/Brass/Antique Available.

Time: 7-15 days production, 2-4 shipping.

Product Description

Nyc transit police coins

New York traffic police coin

Founded in 1845, New York police is the oldest police station in the United States,

It is mainly responsible for the management of the order of New York City

and the surrounding areas and the protection of the security of New York City.

NYPD’s motto is “loyalty to the death”

Because traffic police is not a kind of police, but a task,

Including traffic management, so there are guns, handcuffs and so on, which are standard American police coins.

For traffic management officers, they are usually assigned by turns,

If the police on traffic management are in the vicinity of the police, they will also go to carry out the task.

In addition, police officers are equipped with standard coins, such as bulletproof clothing, guns, flashlight, etc.

Because many people in the United States have guns, they will also ensure their own safety

Because the coins we make for traffic police are carefully designed by the designer,

So this traffic cop coin is worth your while

And the coins will continue to circulate until now

So high quality traffic police coins can be kept forever.

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