Dinosaur Park coins

Dinosaur Park coins

Designs: Custom design Dinosaur Park coins

Artwork: All our proof are free

Size: Custom size from 1.5inch-5 inch

Material: Die struck steel/ Zinc alloy

Plating: Gold/Silver/Brass/Antique Available.

Time: 7-15 days production, 2-4 shipping.

Product Description

Dinosaur Park coins

Dinosaur coins, dinosaurs are a kind of reptiles in the Mesozoic era.

With strong limbs, long tail and large body

This is what most dinosaurs look like.

The forest area on the lakeside plain is their main habitat.

In 1841, British scientist Richard Owen

When studying several fossilized lizard like bones,

They are thought to have been left behind by some prehistoric animal.

It was named dinosaur, which means “horrible lizard”.

Our coins commemorate the disappearance of Dinosaurs

Because dinosaurs, 65 million years ago, at the end of the Cretaceous,

All of a sudden disappeared, so it became a mystery in the evolutionary history of life on earth.

The mystery is still unsolved.

All kinds of creatures recorded in fossils are the masters of the earth.

Many dinosaur fossils have been found in Mesozoic strata.

And you can see a lot of bones of various shapes.

However, in the next Cenozoic strata,

But we can’t see the fossils of non bird dinosaurs.

At the same time, non bird dinosaurs died out together in the Mesozoic.

Most scientists agree that birds belong to dinosaurs.

There are many kinds of dinosaurs, and their shapes and habits are different.

Not only is the largest dinosaur more than 50 meters, but the smallest hummingbird may be less than 10 cm.

The earth was ruled by dinosaurs for about 80 million years.

Our custom designed dinosaur coins,

Because of its high quality, it can be preserved for a long time.

We can make and buy good coins in our factory.

So there is no minimum order