German diplomat Bismarck coins

German diplomat Bismarck coins

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Product Description

German diplomat Bismarck coins

German diplomat Bismarck coins

Otto Edward Leopold von Bismarck

The first Prime Minister of German Empire was called “iron blood Prime Minister”

He is also a German architect and a German navigator.

On the coins, when Bismarck was Prime Minister of the kingdom of Prussia,

Because in 1866, the pu’ao war was launched and won.

In 1870, the French army was defeated in the war of popularizing France.

At the end of the year, he joined the German Federation and established the German Empire.

So Bismarck was elected Chancellor and Prime Minister of the German Empire.

Because Bismarck unified Germany from the top to the bottom by “iron policy”.

It also helped the French government of Versailles to suppress the Paris Commune.

He used the union coin policy to establish German hegemony in Europe.

In March 1890, he was dismissed by King William II of Germany.

Bismarck was made Duke of rauenburg when he stepped down.

Bismarck is conservative and maintains autocracy.

But he passed legislation and established the world’s first

Workers’ pension, health insurance system and social insurance.

Bismarck’s diplomatic success was recognized

He became a man of the moment on the European political stage in the 19th century.

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