European bullfight Challenge Coin

European bullfight Challenge Coin

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Material: Die struck steel/ Zinc alloy

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Product Description

European bullfight Challenge Coin

European Spanish bullfight Challenge Coin

Spanish bullfighting originated from ancient religious activities in Spain,

It was Alfonso x, the king of Spain, who started this kind of worship in the 13th century,

Later, it became a bullfight performance and the winner presented coins as rewards

However, the real bullfight appeared in the mid-18th century.

Now Spain has more than 300 bullfights, the biggest of which is the ventas bullfight in Madrid,

The bullfight here is very wonderful. Everyone can enter only with a bullfight badge or coins

Every March to November is the Spanish bullfight Festival, sometimes every day,

The bullfight usually takes Sunday and Thursday as bullfight day

Spanish bullfighting has a history of centuries or even thousands of years.

In the Neolithic frescoes found in the cave of aldamira,

People saw some coins recording people fighting with cattle.

According to historical records, Caesar the great, who once ruled Spain

He is keen on riding a horse and fighting a bull.

And bullfighting developed into standing on the ground fighting with the bull.

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