Challenge Coin Bottle Opener No Minimum Order

Challenge Coin Bottle Opener No Minimum Order – Small Order Acceptable

The detail specification of the bottle opener coins.

  1. Size:1.5-2.0 inch size.
  2. Material: zinc alloy.
  3. Plating: gold plating.
  4. Enamel: Soft Enamel Colors.

The many different design styles are available for your custom bottle opener coins. Using our current design style, to add your custom information that will come with designing your own special challenge coin.

The only exception is the additional bottle opener cut out option which, for example, can be applied to both ends of a round coin or on a single side for oval shaped coins. Given the convenience and portability of customized bottle openers, having a small hole drilled into the edge of a flat bottle opener effortlessly transforms it into a dog tag. For the extraordinary type of customers U.S. DOD Coins serves, as far as logo bottle openers go, a bottle opener dog tag is always a great choice.

Patriotic Bottle Openers

Patriotic Bottle Openers